Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter colors

The chickens gave us the most beautiful Easter eggs this year!
We dyed them red, purple, turquoise and orange sunset. I got to be the bunny and buy the chocolate and jelly beans. Did you know that jelly beans have a lot of sodium in them?
Neither did I. But they still taste good:)
One of our relatives in Holland had six chickens and they were all killed on Easter. It was her 8th birthday and they found all these dead chickens! She said it would be the worst birthday of her entire life. I would feel the same way.
We lock our chickens up extra tight now.
But yesterday they got out and followed my mom into the front yard, like she was their mom or something!


  1. Hey Kate... Nice to see you blogging! I hope you had a nice Easter.

  2. Sorry I had to use Pearl's blog but Blogger, for some reason, doesn't allow me to post under my Wordpress blog.