Saturday, September 5, 2009


OK, so blogs are supposed to be updated more than once a month. It's not like nothing's happened, but at the end of what are typically long days I'd rather veg out and read other people's blogs than work on my own. So from now on I'll sneak some time earlier in the day and post something -- anything.
Some interesting Independence kind of stuff happened in August. Like the day that Kate's brother Joe walked in the house and Kate called for him to come look. She was standing next to the couch, holding on so she wouldn't fall and have to get 12 stitches in her chin. Not that we have ever had to rush her to the emergency room before...
We also visited someone who has cerebral palsy and lives with two roommates in her own house. There's 24-hour care because all three young women need additional help. Now we are wondering if we could essentially create a small group home for Kate and a couple of friends.
Kate also started her first class at Wake Tech. She has classmates, an instructor, and a book that is weighed down with so many multi-syllable words that it's easy to sprain your tongue when you read it.
This is Labor Day weekend, and Kate wanted to know if she could celebrate by laying off the exercises for a day! I think that's a great idea.

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